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Cabo Pulmo 2009 Dive Pictures

After the SharePoint 2009 Conference last October, a few of our crew took a detour to a very tiny town at the end of the Baja called Cabo Pulmo. It was my third trip there (more pictures to come..) and obviously I highly recommend it. This time we stayed at Reinhard”s Rentals and completely loved it. I’ve stayed there previously. We dove with the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort and they were excellent once again. Every time I’ve returned they’ve had a different staff, and each time they were great. I think that speaks to an excellent dive operation, not unlike my friends at Abyss Dive Shop in Playa Del Carmen. You can see the pictures on Flickr here or view the slideshow below.

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”wpages” id=”72157623920434822″]


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