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Month: July 2011

SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1, the June 2011 CU, and What to Install

Without wasting too much space on this, I’ve already gotten a number of questions on the SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1, how to install it, and in what order to install all of the bits. Last week, fellow MVP Spencer Harbar put out what I consider to be the definitive unofficial” guidance on this, and is the approach that I recommend.

Spencer’s post can be found here. In short form, install the bits in the following order:

  1. SharePoint Foundation Service Pack 1
  2. SharePoint Foundation Language Packs (all) Service Pack 1
  3. SharePoint Server Service Pack 1
  4. SharePoint Server Language Packs (all) Service Pack 1
  5. Office Web Applications Service Pack 1

When downloading the language pack service packs, don’t forget to select the appropriate language(s) from the dropdown list.

Do NOT run the Product configuration wizard until the last component has been installed. Also, don’t install the June CU, unless you know that you need it (unless it’s a new install). As to the why behind these recommendations, check out Spencer’s post.

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