I am the Chief Technical Officer at UnlimitedViz Inc. I hold a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Guelph and am a Microsoft SharePoint MVP. I have spent 22 years in the Information Technology space, and posses a skill set that spans both architecture and development. I have been instrumental in delivering projects and applications that have been recognized with both local and global awards from Microsoft and IBM.

As a seasoned IT professional, I have accumulated a plethora of legacy technologies like Novell, Lotus Notes and Java. This experience has proven invaluable when architecting systems alongside legacy applications. Over the past decade, I have become increasingly focused on the Microsoft SharePoint and Business Intelligence platforms and have become an expert with the latest that these platforms have to offer.

I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and am the father of 3 boys, an avid scuba diver, and a budding photographer – both under and above the water. Samples of my work can be found at http://www.flickr.com/wpages.


  1. John:

    Thanks for posting good information about sharepointSQL server integration, I referenced one of your postings that helped to clear up what the targetserverurl should be when deploying from BIDS to sharepoint (2010). I am apparently experiencing a common problem when attempting to deploy from SQL Server 2008 RS BIDS to Sharepoint 2010. The user login repeats despite correct user authentication credentials. Not really expecting you to know the answer, I’ve been working on this for two days, but maybe you can point me in the right direction.

  2. I have enjoyed your blogs. I am a SQL Server pro slowly getting sucked into SharePoint.

    I am curious, your blog uses WordPress (and very interest read about running it in Azure by the way). As a SharePoint MVP, I would have thought you would be using SharePoint. Any reason other than cost prohibitive?


  3. hello John,

    Thanks for the awesome blogs, it really helped me in working with Power BI moreover I received a appreciation mail from my client but still I have some queries regarding “Scheduling Auto Refresh”. I would be extremely thankful if you can address them also. My email address is sunilvit09@gmail.com please let me know your email address so that I can forward my query to you.

  4. Hi John! Just ran across your post on promoting SP library columns to Word template. i am using content types, and added a choice column to the conent type. When I open the Word template, the column appears in the Word documents property panel but the field is grayed out and and says “edit properties on server.”

    Any ideas? Sorry for hitting you out of the blue, but am tearing my hair out!


  5. I found your site today while troubleshooting some Web Query issues and I feel compelled to thank you for this terrific resource. While much of it is beyond my current abilities, I now have a more thorough understanding of how the underlying components work in a manner which not only solved my current issue but created a framework from which I can make better decisions in how to accomplish tasks moving forward.


    Please keep up the great work!


  6. John please help me. need helpp

    We have an OLAP project which uses Sharepoint 2013 Excel Services to show excel files that contains external data from SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube. Our Authentication method to login users is FBA (Forms Based Authentication)
    Our Goal is to show only subset of data from SSAS cube for each user based on their role which has already been defined in SSAS side.
    FBA authenticates users against AD and all authorized user are already member of respective role in SSAS based on their clearance level. We need Excel Services passes EffectiveUserName to SSAS and for that we enabled the EffectiveUserName in global settings of Excel Services on SharePoint central admin.
    Than in Excel, we have enabled the Windows Authentication in the Excel Service Authentication Settings of Connection Properties as we read on some blog posts. But after accessing it via the SharePoint, the following error occurred.
    “The data connection uses Windows Authentication and user credentials could not be delegated.” As I already stated, I don’t want to delegate user credentials to SSAS. It’s already been configure for Excel Services to use single account to connect to Analysis Services. I only want to pass EffectiveUserName.
    Using windows authentication is not an option because users access the site from extranet and internet.

    How Can I pass EffectiveUserName to SSAS through Excel Service using FBA(Forms based authentication) in SharePoint 2013

  7. Need Help!!!
    I was using SharePoint Online List adapters with SSIS in Visual Studio 2012. But after upgrading to VS 2015 these adapters are not compatible with Visual Studio 2015. I tried OData Source but this is not pulling extract data which I pulled previously with SharePoint Online List adapters.
    Is there SharePoint Online List adapters which support on Visual Studio 2015 and Sql Server 2016.

    Thanks !!!

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