Enable LastPass and other Add-Ins in Windows 8.1

With Windows 8.1 hitting MSDN yesterday, I of course jumped on it and steamed right ahead. The upgrade was pretty smooth, but one of the things that I noticed was that LastPass wasn’t working in Internet Explorer anymore, the add-in was disabled. As it turns out, most add-ins get disabled by the new “Enhanced Protected Mode” in Windows 8.1.

I always hated protected mode on servers, and now I get to hate it on the desktop. The good news is that I can make it go away. It’s pretty easy. You need to get to Internet Options, which in IE is found in Tools-Internet Options, or by selecting the little gear icon in the upper right.


Then select the Advanced tab, and scroll down to the Security section. Finally, clear the checkbox next to “Enable Enhanced Protected Mode”.

Restart your browser, and your plugins will start working again. I’d be fine without the rest of them, but I need my LastPass.

With the new settings synchronization in Windows 8.1, at least you won’t have to do this on all of your devices, right? Wrong. This setting doesn’t synchronize across devices. Apart from this little hiccup, I love Windows 8.1.


  1. I had tried after first upgrading to 8.1 32bit, to follow your instruction but all this line and checkbox to de-select is coloured gray, so it’s not possible de-select…:-(

  2. Resolved the problem for IE11, re-download latest Lastpass. Reinstall it and re-logon the first time inserting the main password without touch your settings proposed to de-select. Looking your parameter to de-select now, after the new Lastpass installation process, that line and box are selected and it’s not possible to change setting because again gray coloured.

    Thank you !

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